Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mercedes 300E 1993 3.2

I need to buy a car for my younger son. I test drove a 1993 300E 3.2 Monday. Seemed OK to me but I read mixed reviews. I would probably try to do most of the maintenance work on it myself. It has 180K mi. Any opinions out there?

Another death

My uncle Dominick (Harpo) Died.


Well - my father had been refusing to see me or his grandchildren since I got remarried in 2003. He was robbed while I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon with my new wife and our 4 boys. But Detective Asshole of Troop _ of the Delaware State police told my father I was the only suspect and if he would not press charges against me detective Asshole would drop the case. Why was I the only suspect? - 1) no forced entry - gee why is it that police are unaware of the ability of a lock smith to easily enter a house - I know this is possible because of some of the events that occured during my separation from my first wife.
2) Who else could have found my Dad's hammer to use it to open the safe that was broken into --Well gee I must have been the only one who didn't know he had a safe and by the way - who would have guessed a professionally installed safe could be accessed with an 8 ounce hammer - duh maybe the guy who installed it - wait a minute don't those guys also have tools to pick door locks???
3) I make more money in one year than my Dad made in his whole life so I definitly have the motive.
4) Oh yes the best reason. When he said he thought I did it and said he has never made a mistake in his career I said I wanted a lawyer. His response "only guilty people ask to have a lawyer present."
5) They had a set of finger prints that were all over the safe but never asked me for prints - why? That wouldn't prove that I did it since I visited the house regularly but what conclusion would it support if my prints were not on the safe?

Anyway, every father's day I try calling to see if my Dad has come back to his senses. This year it happened - so I brought his grandsons with me and we met him for breakfast. He is not doing great but then again he has been a physical wreck since I was in college. We also visited him at his home a couple of times since then.

OH yes Hey detective Asshole of Delaware State Police Troop _ - I remember you from when you worked in Rehobeth you lazy fag. I know why you picked on me - you probably recognized me from all the time I vacationed down there with my first wife. You fags with your sidewalk PDAs down there. What goes around comes around.