Friday, February 17, 2006

Salt lake city

Just got back from 3 days in Utah. Left Saturday and got out just before the snow storm closed the Airport. Tried to ski Alta Sunday but the little #$%& at the rental almost broke my foot trying to close the "recommended" boots on me. They insisted on measuring the LENGTH of my foot for size and ignoring that I have a EEEE wide foot and short shins with thick muscled calves. I was in too much pain to ski after that. Spent Monday recuperating by stalking and chasing a small herd of bison on Antelope Island trying to get a close up picture. By Tuesday my foot was OK. This time we went to a different slope and the rental guy there just asked me what size boots and skis I wanted. So that worked out nice. That was the most I ever skied in one day. No one in the lift lines and hardly anyone on the slopes. Warm enough to sit in the snow and smoke a cigar half way down the slope and cool enough to avoid overheating.

We left Wednesday AM as the snow started to fall in SLC.

Hit a great restaurant there - The Red Iguana - 700 block of North Temple
Super fantastic food with unique and distinctive recipes, great service, good prices and good drinks. There was a long line outside the door but they had outside heaters and we only waited about 10 minutes.

I never posted about an even better FIND when we were in San Francisco -- Don Pico's on El Camino Real. It was a little more expensive though still a good value. Very original and distinctive dishes. Every thing we tried was great and between the 6 of us we had a good sampling of their menu. There was a wait but the service made up for it. Lots of attention and good attitude. There was a singer doing a respectible line up of Frank Sinatra songs.