Friday, April 22, 2005

another week and another dozen cigars

Last weekend was productive. Framed in the piece of duct work over the big window in the exercise room. This has been a major project staller because it took me a long time to figure out how to do that and have the drywall hang right and still have room for trim around the window. So now I am almost ready to do some dry wall. I need to pull some wire, add a couple of jack studs and fire blocks and of course put some insulation on the outer wall. But almost ready to start doing more drywall.

We cleared some heavy files out of the way of the walls in the exercise room where I need to work but moved some weights and bench into the room. So I can still do work and we can still start using the room for exercise.
Also, got Eldest boy some new bedroom furniture. It gave him more storage room, more surfaces to put things and actually cleared up some floor space. Moved old stuff out and new stuff in while he was at his mom’s so it was a surprise. He called me at work when he got there on Tuesday to let me know he approved.

I got the OK on vacation dates from my EX so will buy plane tickets and hotel reservations this weekend.

In a half hour I will leave work, to pick up younger son at train station, run home to drop him off and put on my black suit then run to the funeral home for the viewing of my friend’s mother who died this week, then go home and cook kabobs on the grill, and then maybe watch “Ocean’s twelve.”

I need a cigar.