Thursday, June 30, 2005

cigars and funerals

Ah I just smoked half of one of the CAOs that T got me for my birthday. Nice. I am looking forward to Paris and if I can swing taking the whole family to Italy next year, Italy. I haven't had a Cuban Partagas since last time I was in Mexico. Now that is a beautiful cigar. Don brought back Cuban Cohibas a few years ago on his yearly return fron Saudi but the Arabs can have their Cohibas, I prefer the Partagas.
May and June were fucked up months. First a friend at work lost his mother. Then, not even a week later, a boy who is a freshman in highschool now and used to be a Cub Scout in my Den when I was a leader, lost his mom to cancer. I new how both felt. The first week of June my ex 's aunt died of cancer and the following week a guy that I have work with for 7 years died of cancer. I got alot of use out of my black suit lately.
I sure hope no one else that I know dies any time soon.
T took us to PF chang's for my birthday - great sushi and garlic noodles. Two weeks ago she also took me to NY for my birthday. Virgils for babybacks and stout and then BB Kings for some music. NY has great food and entertainment but an awful lot of strange people seem to be attracted to that place.