Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech

So we want to "understand" what happened here so that we can reduce the probability that it will happen again close to us and effect our lives. We do not want the list of casualties to include our friends and family next time. It is not that we strongly do not want there to be a next time - we strongly do not want it to ever touch us. My first reaction was that this type of event will happen. It cannot be eliminated. The common answers to the root cause - availability of guns and violent video games - are not going to influence a next time. One of the most convincing root causes was apathy toward loners but in this case there seem to have been numerous attempts to get involved and all were futile. But as I read the Media coverage it occurs to me what the likely root cause is, A Deal With the Devil

1)The intense media coverage - you are guaranteed to have your message spread throughout the world if you do something like this - the News Networks promise you very good exposure if you give them a good story. So if you make a deal with the devil ( News Media) and give them something they want ( a shocking transgression) they will reward you with immortality.