Monday, November 14, 2005

goodbye howie

My dog died Sunday morning. He was a 15 year old dalmation. When I got home from work Friday he looked truely sick and refused to eat. Eating was the only thing he liked as much as going for walks.

I got up yesterday about 6 am and he just laid in his bed. T and I sat with him and drank our coffee, smoked cigars and tried to concentrate enough to read the paper. When T was getting ready for church I moved him and his bed to the front porch about 9am. He was moaning(crying). I sang to him and he went quiet. I sang some more for about 30 minutes. I think he was scared and hearing my constant voice distracted him from his fear. By a little after 10 he was dead.

I dug a big hole next to the swing set and near the edge of the woods while T was at church. When she got home we carried him around back and burrier him there, near Jason my first dog - a golden retriever and Nails - T's cat.

I hate saying "bye" to him because I know when he heard that word it meant he was going to be lonely. So instead when he was passing I just called him softly- Howie...Hooowiee

I think I remember singing in the car as I drove Jason to the vet his last time. I was there when my mother passed. I wish that I had thought to sing to her.

Mom, if there is an after life and it includes our pets you now have two of my dogs to watch until I get back. Thanks and I miss you.