Tuesday, March 29, 2005

redwood national park

Just in case anyone reads this blog in the next couple of weeks, I am planning vacation for this summer - 2 adults + 4 teenage boys. I was thinking about San Francisco for a couple of days then driving to Redwood National Park for a 2 day excursion. Has anyone reading this ever made the trip? Sounds like it might be too long a drive but I don't know? Advice, hints or recommendations would be nice. Thanks

Joe's Salsa recipe

Joe's Salsa recipe
3 plum tomatoes
1 large cucumber
6 cloves garlic
1 oz olive oil
1 oz white vinegar
1 lime
1 large jalapeno pepper
1 oz tequila
2 tablespoons dried cilantro
1/4 teaspoon salt

peel cucumber and slice length wise – cut away seeds and discard
dice remaining cucumber and tomatoes and put in mixing bowl – include any juice
peel and crush garlic and add to bowl
slice jalapeno pepper into rings and add to bowl – can substitute with 2 habanera peppers if you like super hot
add cilantro
add oil
add vinegar
halve lime and squeeze juice into bowl – get some pulp in there
add tequila
stir and let sit at least 1 hour -actually I like to make this in a big tuperware bowl with a sealing lid - seal it and then shake it up!!!!

Howard Stern audience versus not washing your hands after using the toilet.

I listen to Howard Stern. Maybe you do, maybe you do not. I wash my hands after using the toilet and also before directly handling food. Maybe you do, maybe you do not. I am sure there are as many people that refrain from washing their hands after using the toilet as there are people that find Howard entertaining. The broadcast industry has their statistics on audience, I base my statement on a lifetime of watching guys walk away from the toilet in the men’s room, wipe their hands through their hair and speed past the sink like they have no idea why it is taking up floor space in the men’s room.I flinch whenever I admit that I listen to Howard Stern. Why? Not because I think I am a freak for liking much of his humor. Are you a freak for not washing your hands? But I expect that you will tell me that I am disgusting for tolerating his work and finding it entertaining. Well, you are disgusting for not washing your hands!So, you see by my profile that I am a Howard Stern fan. What does that mean? Does that mean I think everything he does is great? Do you even refuse to wash your hands when you get feces on them and have to walk out of the restaurant bathroom and sit down to eat a burger?I bet we all have thresholds that we use to decide when our hands need washing and when to turn the station. Those thresholds just vary from person to person.If you people with dirty hands think I am a nut for expressing my objection to your hygiene guess how us Howard Stern Fans view those people who feel compelled to express their disapproval of the existence of the Howard Stern show?

catching my breath

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Ok - finally some good news - some slightly good financial stuff, finally a couple of good results at work, and my car did not turn out to be a disaster. So now I can look ahead a little. My oldest son's 18 th birthday is coming up. I want to do something special - but he has no girl friend. I cannot afford to get him a better car and he probably does not want to have friends over for an event. He seems to have lost affinity with all of his friends. Also, he seems to have given up on school. I hope he gets inspired enough to put in some effort even if minor, so that he passes this year. When I read blogs I notice being bored is a common theme for most youngsters. This is depressing. Is there any other way than being over worked that can get a teenager to feel like they aren't wasting life. I know they all feel being in love is the key. It is ashame that they cannot yet see how cool life is.Tofu recipes - some variation here http://www.recipesource.com/special-diets/vegetarian/tofu/Just heard about Spamalot but cheep seats ~$100 each are not available until late summer. With a family of 6 even $100 seats is going to be tough. But I think everyone will like it but it won't be my son's birthday event.
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