Thursday, December 07, 2006


At least if you are a male between age 25 to 60. This is the best movie that I have seen all year.

Italy, Italy, Italy

I have crossed over and I am decided. I will push for Italy in June of 2007. I will shift money from a dormant 401k into an active one so that I can take a loan against it. I will find flights for the first common week of summer vacation for all four boys and I will buy tickets. Then I will tell everyone that they have to post pone summer jobs until we get back. It must be christmas time. I always go spend crazy at christmas.


First T was going to spend thanksgiving with her parents in WV while I stayed home and made thanksgiving diner for my boys. Then we had an argument about something completely unrelated ( she wanted to accompany her son to a play on his FIRST date and I suggested that she go to a movie with me instead.) Well she must have discussed this argument with someone at work or something because she came home and apologized and said I was right and said she would spend Thanksgiving with me and my boys and she would wait till Friday to go to WV so I could go with her. I had promissed my boys curry for Thanksgiving so we had both traditional Turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes etc PLUS Turkey curry. It was very hot. I used 1000 grams of turkey breast and Dan ate more than half.
My older son decided that he wanted to get a Wii so he got up 3am on Black Friday and met up with a friend and they stood in line. They were 5th and 6th in a line of people there solely to purchase Wiis. There were 8 Wiis available so they each snagged one.
So I drove to WV Friday, drove back Sunday, flew to Boston Monday for an instrument installation, things did not go well so I could not make my scheduled flight back and changed to a later flight back Wednesday night that ended up being delayed 2 hours. Finally I was home by 11PM Wednesday.