Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Daddy-O! That is what the big guy in the picture posted below used to call me when he was three. In my entire life that is my most favorite name or title I have had. I should make it the title of my blog. Daddy-O.
Oldest boy has actually been having a decent summer. Since he opted to participate in the family vacations - his mom's this coming week and mine in August - he did not bother looking for a job. With no job he has made sleep time 9AM to 5PM. Let him enjoy. This might be his last free summer for the rest of his life.
Younger boy spent last week at wrestling camp. He had a great time.
T's son's both spent that week at Scout camp. So T and I had alot of time with just she and I last week. I did miss the boys but T and I had lots of fun.