Thursday, April 13, 2006

Do I think Jesus existed?

Do I think Jesus existed? Well let’s use logic. Is there any reason to make up, use or refer to the character known as Jesus?
Political control – well not really. Think about it. He makes it clear that God is not interested in politics, that if a human created something then god does not care about it – “give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s.” But when it comes to something that god created – for example a poor, unaccomplished, old man or a whore or any of the lowliest outcast- now this is precious to god. So if you want to destroy a building or over throw a government, god is not interested – you made it, you can break it. But if you cause harm to any man, woman or child then God will be angry. This is not a good attitude for people to have if you are trying to perpetuate a government.

Validation of a religion? Don’t make me laugh. Whenever Jesus is talked about, quoted or paraphrased it is clear that he had contempt for organized religion. He was well educated and knowledgeable about it but he certainly has no respect for religious rules or authority. So the existence of Jesus is one of the best arguments against the authority of any Christian church.

There is no reason to fabricate Jesus, and there are plenty of reasons for Governments and Religions to suppress Jesus. Is this proof that he existed? No. But it is an argument against the thought that Jesus was fabricated.