Friday, May 06, 2005

Walking- passports- and turning 18

OK, T has had me out walking the last 3 mornings. Why do people pretend that walking makes them feel better in the morning than 2 dounuts and a coffee? I like taking a stroll in the evening but power walking in the morning makes my feet go numb. I should buy some new shoes. The whole passport thing solved itself. The same night that I wrote a post about T needing a passport she came home and said she was traveling for work the end of this month and needed a passport. So now I am free to work on the surprise. I did a little checking and leaving for Paris Friday and returing Sunday is dirt cheap but would probably be too much fast lane to be enjoyable. Leave for Paris Thursday and return Sunday is double the cost but Leave for Paris Wednesday and return Sunday doesn't coast any more that go Thursday. Hotel included. Interesting - so to avoid traveling the night of her birthday I think we will go Wednesday. Of course this is many months off but it never hurts to plan. Eldest boy turns 18 this week end. Hope he is happy.
Maybe we will go to see either hitchhikers guide or kingdom of heaven tonight.