Monday, March 20, 2006

V for Vendetta


I have a bunch of trees that need to be removed. The first group is a cluster that consists of 2 hickories and a poplar. I need them to fall away from the house and need to drop them in order. The first that needs to go is the smaller hickory-about 15 inch diameter, about40 feet tall. So Sunday I got started. I picked the spot fo it to fall and that is just where it is headed. But, of course the top gets tied up with some other trees and this hickory is heavy. It is cut clean from the stump but still sitting on the stump. I have tried pulling it with a rachet puller, and tried my wife's F150, and I have pounded it with a maul and I even drilled a hole into in and tried to twist it off of the stump with a big steal bar. All with out success. So now I have the big hickory leaning at about 60 degrees. Crap! Time to smoke a cigar.


We went to see "V" Saturday at the 10 PM showing. Glad I saw it. It was entertaining and made a couple of "statements" that I thought would have generated a bit more "Buzz" than I have been hearing. This movie set about to justify and glorify terrorism. Where is all the Buzz?