Thursday, September 08, 2005

Message to Homeland Security - YOU FAILED

At lunch yesterday my friend made the comment that with the knowledge of huricane Katrina coming and with all of the previous expectations of possible disaster in New Orleans, that the military should have been on ready before the disaster.

I had to correct him. Supposedly we have a department of home land security. It is supposed to be on ready for a terrorist attack that might be something like -lets say - causing a hole in a levy in New Orleans and flooding the city. What if this disaster happened 10 days before the storm or 6 months later. The nation was supposed to be READY - period. I have heard the scenerio discussed on NPR a couple of times in the past year.

Well it wasn't an arabic terrorists, it was God that just put our Home Land Security to the test.
And the nation failed miserably.