Friday, June 01, 2012

A memory

I do not think anyone that would remember this is still alive except maybe Beverly or Skippy and I have no idea where they are. So that this moment will not disappear yet, I will document it here. When I was very young, I do not remember how young but I know I was not in school yet, my Aunt Susan Brown was dying of cancer. This would have been early 1960's. She had 2 children Skippy and his younger sister Beverly. Beverly had some sort of developmental problem. My mother, my Aunt Susan and another one of my father's sisters were in a car with Beverly and I. I think we were bringing them to a train station. There may have been others but I do not remember. There were amusement rides and my Aunt Susan begged them to stop and let her take Beverly on a ride (maybe a roller coaster.) I think she did take Beverly on a ride. Even being so young and now more than 50 years later I can still picture my Aunt and hear the desperation in her voice to do something with her daughter that she would never be able to do again because Susan was going to die soon and her daughter was going to be institutionalized.  - This story was never told or talked about. This is one of those moments in life that just gets burned into your memory. I do not know what I was supposed to do with this memory.  Anyone who might be interested is no longer on speaking terms with me.

Dan Graduated from College

I will post pictures soon.
I am not going to describe Dan.
I will post something about him that I do not think anyone realizes.
Even though I believe that I have not been as good a father as I could have been, Dan makes me feel like I have been a great father.