Monday, October 10, 2005

I do not like the cold

Serenity was very good as expected. If you do not watch Firefly on SciFi then you will find this movie to be great and worth the time and money. If you do watch Firefly regularly then you will find this to be prety much just a long episode with better special effects. It is a must for Firefly fans and it stands alone from the series so it is good for those who do not watch the series.

Fire fly is a great concept, has unusually good acting, interesting plots and plenty of action and humor.

Well my urchins died so I drained the tank and packed it away.

The holidays are coming so I have started baking alot. Last week I made a butter milk chocolate swirl cake with a recipe from my mother's old recipe box. Also I made a really good apple pie. Red delicious apples are going for about $1 a pound so I used them. Last night I made scones for the first time and they were OK. I might post the chocolate swirl cake recipe and as I try different things I will post the recipes if they turn out good.